In this Covid 19 pandemic, our emotions make us more vulnerable to suggestion. It’s a problem when the suggestions are misleading and false. The good news is we can secure our own minds and change our habits using hypnosis to undo outside messaging, it’s actually a de-hypnotizing process. We turn hypnosis to our own benefit rather than having it used on us by others.

Fear inducing headlines, true and false are hypnotic because they are repetitive. This seductive method bypasses conscious thought and critical thinking. It enters our subconscious mind using symbols that are meaningful to us. Our attention and data are now worth more than oil. Our habits of mind become strings used to manipulate us. Hypnotic suggestions create powerful impressions on the subconscious mind. How do we get hooked? How do we remain clear of manipulation when our feelings are led by the agenda of others?

We turn hypnosis to our own benefit rather than having it used on us by others.

When watching TV or scrolling through social media notice the symbols being offered to your subconscious mind via repetition. Emotionally powerful means are employed like fear, hope, beauty, emotionally powerful images and more. These become post hypnotic suggestions. Anyone who thinks hypnosis doesn’t work needs to ponder why so much money is poured into advertising. Whether it’s goods, services, faith or political beliefs, we are being led by our subconscious mind. We’ve been witnessing poor decisions around us like denial or the panicking bandwagon effect where people hoard toilet paper that can’t stop a virus, etc. This is a kind of reaction resulting from suggestion. It touches a desire for some control to offset the dread of being in the unknown. Truthfully, we need our energy and attention to be addressing the reality, not the narratives in our mind fostered by others.

Try a few hypnosis sessions. (I’m offering emergency sliding rates now and expanding my services to sessions by phone and video). Now more than ever, we need to learn how to remain clear in the midst of uncertainty, to act rather than react for our own benefit and that of others.

Try a few hypnosis sessions.

We’ve never encountered a situation like the one we face now. Our typical distractions are stripped away as we isolate at home and our emotions can get supercharged. Using post hypnotic suggestions, you can clear your subconscious mind of unnecessary anxiety and become more realistic. By breaking free of habits triggered by stress, fear and other people we develop the fortitude to ride out this pandemic and adapt to change as sanely as possible, even if we’re forced to face tragedy. We are in uncharted waters. Life has changed suddenly, and we don’t know what lies ahead. Use hypnotherapy to help you cut the strings pulling us useless directions. Grow the clarity to carry on.

By Sharon Schlotthauer

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