Discover your values and your voice

Why is it important to find your values and your voice? Why use hypnotherapy. 

Ask yourself what is valuable? From where do your values stem? Clearly, family, religious influence, social pressure, political affiliation, and the billions spent on advertising are means of suggestion to influence everyone’s actions and choices.

But how can you discover your own authentic values in the midst of this bombardment of influence? Any original capacity you may harbor might be discouraged by the ‘norms’ that gain by directing your choices.

Discover your values and your voice

Hypnosis or hypnotherapy coaching is also suggestion consciously used for your own ends. It allows you to stop habitual thinking and release the energy and attention imprisoned by past suggestions of the culture industry. The US is far less violent than in the past, but the media grabs our attention with constant bad news, limiting our choices. Somewhere, a bad man came out of the bushes; therefore, all bushes are dangerous, and all men are bad.

Ericksonian Hypnotherapy

You can discover your values and your voice

Lastly, hypnotherapy/hypnosis uses the power of your own mind. You thaw the frozen habits and allows a clearer vision of the present. Hypnotherapy uses your intelligence consciously to undo a lifetime of suggestions from others that may or may not have had your best interest at heart. You can take the helm in your life. With your intelligence freed, you discover your sense of what’s valuable. You claim your own authentic voice in your own life.”