Hypnotic technology

Hypnosis is a gateway into the uncharted realms of the subconscious mind, as evidenced by the colossal sums businesses invest in hypnotic advertising. But the pressing question is not about hypnosis’s power; rather, it is about how you can use this potent tool rather than fall prey to its relentless influences that often flow to us through technology.

As you enter the realm of the trance states, you can unlock forgotten or repressed memories—an invaluable resource for breaking the chains of harmful habits. Hypnosis is an efficient instrument for breaking free from the clutches of self-destructive habits, such as substance abuse, that wreak havoc on your body and mind.

Use Hypnosis or Fall Under Its Spell

Another facet of hypnotherapy often escapes our attention. It is a powerful tool for refining your perception of reality. Regrettably, much of what we perceive as “reality” is not rooted in authenticity but is a mere construct—a system of beliefs, a simulation, or a distorted reflection—a deceptive mirage that our minds have erroneously embraced as the truth.

As my longtime beloved poignantly says, 

“Every accident is the real world falsifying our concepts of the world, reminding us they are not the same thing.”

Todd Vickers

The shadow of our culture and its expectations looms, casting its influence over our lives. Society plays an indispensable role in ensuring cooperation and justice. Yet history testifies to societies, marked by grave errors and instances of cruelty. Cultures, whether labeled as primitive or sophisticated, seem to be gravitating towards tribalism. Within this context, your affiliations or the collective to which you belong play a pivotal role in shaping your habitual thinking. The voice of that collective, often disguising itself as your own, may not genuinely represent what is best for you or others.

In moments when the burden of being the “voice of the collective” becomes unbearable, an opportunity for liberation emerges. The desire to break free from the mechanical habits that echo popular memes and tribal clichés. That holds the potential for the emerging clarity of an authentic adult individual. This change is marked by the liberation from the stifling constraints of culture while retaining a firm grasp on what truly matters.

Use Hypnosis or Fall Under Its Spell

The conscious use of hypnotherapy is instrumental in distinguishing your choices from those imposed upon you by insidious hypnotic suggestions. Reality tends to shock and disillusion the alluring but misguided constructs of magical thinking promoted by culture, often linked to the emotions it incites. Much like the abrupt awakening from a vivid nightmare, we realize that the perceived danger was merely a creation of the mind, with no connection to reality.

More and more scientists emphasize the alarming shifts in our climate, painting a bleak future. The ultra-rich influencing the governing of our societies appear to pose a significant threat to our shared habitat. Disturbingly, some among the one percent are constructing luxurious underground bunkers, a paradoxical response to the reality they often publicly deny. When the facade of the collective’s magical thinking ultimately shatters, chaos looms on the horizon, a chaos that may be attributed to the hypnotic suggestions funded by the billionaire class.

Amidst this disheartening landscape, you might find yourself pondering, “What can I do?” One answer to this question lies in embarking on a journey to explore new dimensions in both the inner and outer worlds. Through this odyssey, you will come to recognize that reality transcends the boundaries of our narrow and habitual concepts. You will discover what imparts genuine meaning to your life and serves as the beacon illuminating your unique path—a path that might lead you far beyond the mundane cycle of work, consumption and endless hypnotic distraction by scrolling social media or binging inane amusements.

Use Hypnosis or Fall Under Its Spell

Hypnosis possesses the potential to disband the deep-seated, habit-riddled state of mind that has distorted your self-image and your perception of life. In this journey of self-discovery, the conscious mind can relax and recognize the hidden habits operating automatically behind the scenes. Some habits are born from past traumas, leaving your body-mind in a state of hyper-vigilance; always on the lookout for signs of impending danger. This perpetual vigilance, operating in many situations that bear no genuine threat, Not everything orange is an orange. Habits hinder the ability to learn and discover new things, along with the joy that accompanies such discoveries.

The instinct to explore, akin to the bold curiosity of a toddler venturing to the other side of the nursery, alone is a treasure trove of potential when coupled with the judgment of a conscious adult. This allows you to channel your creativity into various facets of life, like love and other relationships and let’s not leave out sex!

Hypnosis can be your tool or “their” tool.

Persuasion (rhetoric) is hypnosis, harnessed as a tool of radical clarity, serves as the antidote to years of automatic habits that have sown the seeds of disillusionment. You can confront these deeply ingrained habits and past judgments. From a more mature perspective, than when these habits took root. In doing so, you can replace or even simply disobey those habits and free yourself from the influences that can, to your misfortune, govern your thoughts and actions.

This liberation offers you the opportunity to reside in the freedom of your existing capacity, and to embrace learning and discovery, and share with others who want to enrich life making it not only worth living but also worth protecting.

By Sharon Schlotthauer