How Myofascial Release helps.

First it’s not massage. It’s called bodywork because no oil or lotion are used during treatment. Fascia is the connective tissues in the body. Myofascial Release works by softening scar tissue, increasing mobility in joints or muscles that have been injured, as well as in giving a sense of being more relaxed and open.

When fascia is released often memories arise and become conscious to our mind. The previously subconscious memory, along with the tension that was trapped, no longer have the same effects on the psyche. This brings a wonderful feeling of freedom from the memory and tension.

I was fortunate enough to learn Myofascial Release from John Barnes himself, who spearheaded the research into this method when he had become frustrated with the limits of physical therapy.

I offer this bodywork combined with a specific type of hypnotherapy. Both techniques compliment each other to achieve a transformation. It’s like updating the map of reality. New and more accurate content is consciously offered to the subconscious mind.

Myofascial Release is a kind of stretching technique that allows stuck fascia to release without deep physical pressure or force, regardless it can be quite an intense experience because we feel the body let go. We literally feel the heat called a vaseo-motor response. This also happens in Cranial-Sacral bodywork which I also offer.

I have been a licensed practitioner of these methods for over twenty years and have helped many people heal from old injuries, tension, chronic pain and habits of destructive thinking. Some people like it just because it makes them feel good in their body and that is worthwhile.

By Sharon Schlotthauer